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Shri MohanKheda Tirth

Sri Adishvar Bhagwan in white color, seated in a lotus posture, of height 107 Cms, in a shrine in a large walled compound at a solitary spot 2 Kms away from Rajgadh village. (Shve).
The shrine of Sri Mohankheda was ceremonially consecrated on Magsar Sukla 7 in Vikram year 1940 at the hands of great Acharya Sri Rajendrasuriji. When this Acharya was on his walking tour in this area, seeing this natural atmosphere of beauty and peace, he made a prediction that here in future there would arise a great shrine. The prediction has proved true in the course of time and the spot has become a magnificent holy shrine. Countless pilgrims keep visiting this shrine which presents always busy scenes of holy activities in this desolate jungle. Acharya Sri's final remains are also here in this “Samadhi”. He was cremated on Paush Sukla 7 in Vikram year 1963. Every year on Kartik Poornima, Chaitra Poornima and Paush Sukla 7, festival fairs are held here when thousands of devotees gather to offer their prayers.
Near the temple and within enclosed compound there are erected small memorial shrines of Sri Rajendrasurishvarji and Vachaspati Sri Yatindrasurishvarji. The spot of land selected for the shrine is so beautiful and quiet that the atmosphere of serenity and devotion is generated not only in interior of the shrines but also in the exterior surroundings.
The nearby railway stations are Meghnagar 64 Kms, Indore 113 Kms away. The nearby large town of Dhar is 45 Kms away. Rajgadh is only 3 Kms far. At all places buses , taxis etc., are available and there is a tar road upto the temple.
There are large dharamshalas for lodging right inside the enclosed compound with all facilities and a bhojanshala for meals are available.

Brief History | Life of Rajendrasuriji | Chaturmas Places | Shree Mohankheda Tirth | Biography by Photos
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